Nomadic freelance sustainable development consultant and chartered accountant.  Applying critical business and management thinking to social problems such as climate change, poverty, immigration and health care.


My passion and my experience is sustainable and social impact. I have over 10 years experience applying my strengths consulting on environmental sustainability (including climate change prevention and mitigation), social impact investing, poverty alleviation, and health care.

My strengths include:

  • Team and community development and management
  • Critical analysis, lateral thinking and process based problem solving
  • Vision articulation, strategy setting and business modelling
  • Product adoption and market entry (especially in SS Africa and SE Asia)
  • The principles of lean and organic business development
  • Investment valuation and decision making
  • Basic legal structuring, financial reporting systems and book-keeping

You can read more about my experience on LinkedIn and if you think these skills might be of assistance to you, please reach out via the contact form below.

Need help?

It’s ok, we all need help sometimes. If you are currently creating or growing your own social enterprise, business idea or passive investment income and are struggling to understand what to prioritise or how to go about it, I may be able to help. Please complete the form below to contact me.